Saturday, December 22, 2012

Couch Potato Mode Activated!

Don't worry guys, I'm still alive. It's just that progress is slow with me programming "the game" (eek! You just lost it!).

Anyways, I'm still trying to figure out stuff with C# and it's just that I have been wasting too much of my time playing TF2 and watching anime XD. But don't fret, because I am, however, making progress with my education of teaching myself programming (like this one).

Game Status:
*Brainstorming complete
*Stats and player info are nearly comple (in terms of brainstorming)
*Game calculations (such as ATK DMG and DEF. This will need to be simplified.)
*ASCII Cutting Edge Graphics = not even started
*And many more!

Due Date: End of January

Current Personal Status
*Learning C# from the ground Up.
*Reading miscellaneos articles that I always end up getting interested to... some of them.
*Playing TF2

Here's a random picture of a turtle! :D

Friday, November 23, 2012

Brainstorming Ideas...

So now that the exams are over (atleast for me XD), it is time to design some schematics and framework for my upcoming textbased RPG game. Currently I am planning to use either C#, Python, or C++... but for now I have specifically chosen C# because it is one of those many languages that I have trouble getting used to some of the commands and a bit of syntax; so might as well improbe on it while I make my game :P. So far I am planning to release this game by the end of my two months off from school, otherwise I might go over the release date and further make some small revisions and refinements of my game. But seriously, this shouldn't even take me a week or a half if I really set my mind to it... but I choose not too since I like doing things my way.

Recently, I have quit TF2. Yeah, I know it's kind of hard but I'm gonna get over it very soon (hopefully). It's been a while since I have played any decent modern FPS games out there since Quake, but I really hate to say this: I don't think I'm going to make it or survive my daily life without the joyful and colourful additions that TF2 offers. But since I had to force myself to quit, I believe that it is going to be relatively hard for me to get over it. It seems hard for me to get over stuff when I quit things that I have spent so much effort into. Especially that I have applied more than 1300hrs+ worth of gameplay and my life into the game, it would be sincerely difficult to find something new for me to do. But there might be some hope left for me, because now that I have finally quit some of my game addictions, I would finally be able to spend more time on things I like doing like programming per se. But unfortunately, TF2 is one of them. I don't know how to say this but TF2 is one of the very first moments and highlights in my life where I was actually working hard on something, yet it was one of my very first online FPS games that I played... not just with my friends, but with random people. The reason why I am actually quitting TF2 is because I don't want to end up not learning how to properly learn all the things on the "fun"damental opportunities that programming yeilds towards the success of my future, but also I want to do well on school, in which this year I didn't when compared to the best of my expectations.

Oh well, once a gamer, is always a gamer. Here is where I end my journey for my TF2 career and survived atleast 2 days without playing the game in a day-to-day basis. Success always comes with a price; no matter how far and how hard you want to succeed, there will always be sacrifice. And that sacrifice is TF2. From now on I shall take responsibility and order on a larger scale... this time with less gaming :)

Farewell TF2, and may the hands of the evergrowing empire of VALVE always watch upon you T-T. I am grateful of VALVE for creating this wonderful and epicly fun game. Thank you, VALVE. I thank you for your influence and significant impact towards my life, and everyone elses. Sadly, I have to let go of TF2 now. Until next time, Team Fortress. You will always be here, somewhere.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I'll be coming back after the exams. As of right now I will most likely be focusing on trying to finish these exams off. However, the least I can say is that I'm going back preferably or probably on 19th of November (which is next week) ^-^ Looking forward to next week where I am going to make an attempt to create a Text-Based RPG game :D

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dragon Fable SWF Info Viewer

This script allows you to see the following attributes embedded in the flash parameters that are from
>Flash Movie ("The main URL where the SWF flash file is located")
>Base ("Mainly just the URL of the site, but is useful in some cases, but most of the time unecessary.");
>FlashVars ("The Flash Variables of the Embed Object");

How to use:
Step 1: Go to the DragonFable website and click play game.
Step 2: Wait for atleast 1 second for the alert dialog to load.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!!!

(Requires GreaseMonkey Plugin for FireFox)
>Click Here


TF2B Addon

MarvinCorp TF2B Backpack Loader Plugin
This script adds two new buttons on the TF2B website called "View Backpack" and "Change ID". The "View Backpack" button allows you to view the backpack of inputted ID from "Change ID" function. Whilst the "Change ID" button prompts you for a new steam ID (if you have not inputted one) for the View Backpack function.

How to use:
1) Go to
2) You will be prompted to input a new ID for it to load the backpack you would like to view (this will happen only once, unless you delete the cookie containing the ID).
3) Press "View Backpack" button to go to the inputted ID's backpack.
4) ???
5) Profit!!!

-Input "robinwalker" (without the quotation marks. Yes, this is Robin Walker's steam profile) on the ID prompt (this can be changed later on from the "Change ID" button. -Press "View Backpack" button.)

Q: How can I get my own Steam ID if I want to use this plugin?
A: It's easy! Click your avatar on your steam client and it should redirect you to your own profile. Next is to right click the page to show the context menu, click "Copy Page URL". You should now have your own profile's link. Eg. "" (with example as your id). Remove all the bits and pieces of the URL and just leave out "example". This should leave you your ID.
Example: steam URL: -remove "", the first part of the link. -you should be left with "robinwalker". This is the part if the URL that you will want to put on the input box from the plugin.

Q: How can I get a friend's Steam ID?
Read the answer from the previous Q&A. But this time instead of clicking your own avatar, click your friend's avatar from the "Friends" dialog :).

Downloads: Get it from here!

Click Here!

-none I could think of :|