Monday, September 17, 2012

Dragon Fable SWF Info Viewer

This script allows you to see the following attributes embedded in the flash parameters that are from
>Flash Movie ("The main URL where the SWF flash file is located")
>Base ("Mainly just the URL of the site, but is useful in some cases, but most of the time unecessary.");
>FlashVars ("The Flash Variables of the Embed Object");

How to use:
Step 1: Go to the DragonFable website and click play game.
Step 2: Wait for atleast 1 second for the alert dialog to load.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!!!

(Requires GreaseMonkey Plugin for FireFox)
>Click Here


TF2B Addon

MarvinCorp TF2B Backpack Loader Plugin
This script adds two new buttons on the TF2B website called "View Backpack" and "Change ID". The "View Backpack" button allows you to view the backpack of inputted ID from "Change ID" function. Whilst the "Change ID" button prompts you for a new steam ID (if you have not inputted one) for the View Backpack function.

How to use:
1) Go to
2) You will be prompted to input a new ID for it to load the backpack you would like to view (this will happen only once, unless you delete the cookie containing the ID).
3) Press "View Backpack" button to go to the inputted ID's backpack.
4) ???
5) Profit!!!

-Input "robinwalker" (without the quotation marks. Yes, this is Robin Walker's steam profile) on the ID prompt (this can be changed later on from the "Change ID" button. -Press "View Backpack" button.)

Q: How can I get my own Steam ID if I want to use this plugin?
A: It's easy! Click your avatar on your steam client and it should redirect you to your own profile. Next is to right click the page to show the context menu, click "Copy Page URL". You should now have your own profile's link. Eg. "" (with example as your id). Remove all the bits and pieces of the URL and just leave out "example". This should leave you your ID.
Example: steam URL: -remove "", the first part of the link. -you should be left with "robinwalker". This is the part if the URL that you will want to put on the input box from the plugin.

Q: How can I get a friend's Steam ID?
Read the answer from the previous Q&A. But this time instead of clicking your own avatar, click your friend's avatar from the "Friends" dialog :).

Downloads: Get it from here!

Click Here!

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